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How to Cut a Cucumber

Techniques to simply dice and julienne a cucumber


  • 1 Cucumber


Dice a Cucumber

  • Chop off both ends of the cucumber.
  • Cut the cucumber in half giving you two shorter, pieces, easier to manage.
  • Slice each piece lengthwise down the center resulting in 4 halves, each with one flat side.
  • Place al the cucumber pieces flat sides down on a cutting board, cut these pieces lengthwise down the center again yielding cucumber quarters.
  • Lay all the cucumber quarters flat side by side on the cutting board. Cut the quarters across in thin diced pieces.

Julienne a Cucumber

  • Cut off both ends of the cucumber.
  • Cut the cucumber into 3 to 4 smaller pieces.
  • Make one piece stand up vertically and slice down one side of the cucumber to create a flat side. Repeat for each piece.
  • Place the cucumber pieces flat side down on the cutting board and cut thin slices lengthwise, about 6 to 8 thin slices.
  • Stack these slices on top of each other and cut matchstick-shaped cucumber pieces.
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